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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a constantly changing environment. Companies with huge budgets vie for top spots in Google searches while Google moves the goal-posts on a regular basis in pursuit of its goal of “relevance”.

Indeed March 2012’s Panda release caused massive upset in the industry mainly due to Google emphasizing genuine, useful content over SEO ‘junk’ written purely to attract search traffic.

It’s a popularity contest

Now Google balances more factors, like the diversity and quantity of traffic that comes to your site, your site’s popularity in Social Networking sites and popular content like videos (especially those on Google owned YouTube).


How important is Social Networking to my SEO?

Just in case you are thinking “Social networking sites are a waste of time”, it is worth knowing that a huge amount of importance is given to content on Google, Google +, Facebook, Twitter and most recently Pinterest. This is especially true of Google’s own Google + social platform, the most notable benefit of which is the seamless way it integrates with your browser when you search allowing you to cast quick and easy +1 votes for the stuff you like when logged into your Google Account. Indeed it is such a valuable tool now that you ignore social networking at your peril.


Does On-page SEO Matter Anymore?

The term Content is King has never been more fitting. Google is after genuine, valuable and fresh content. This fresh well written content will attract visitors from afar who will link to your knowledgable articles and Google will reward your hard work with high rankings. In an ideal world your business will have wordsmiths crafting high value content weekly and building your website into a resource your industry can be proud of.

This will in turn generate natural back links to your website, your domain will develop authority and Page Rank and any new pages you create will automatically rank highly due to the reputation your domain has developed over several years.

Business economics however play a large part and having a dedicated team writing copy is often outside the scope of the marketing budget. This is where SEO plays an important part by developing strategies to create keyword rich pages which are focused and targeted on a single or small group of keywords. Using the page titles, descriptions, meta data and headers a good keyword strategy will enable your website to rank highly in a more cost effective manner. This is then complimented with a natural off-page back linking programme to help google see your website as a valuable resource on the internet.


Built-for SEO

Every website Innovative Consultancy delivers, benefits from full control over the essential Title and Meta elements of your website. We also include our Level 1 SEO during each build to ensure your site can be found in searches. These are the basics, but still very important. Of course if attracting web traffic is important to you and your audience you will also need to budget for SEO strategy and off-page activity on an ongoing basis.


Wide Range of SEO services to suit your budget

The days of throwing a few tricks at your campaign and hoping for the best are long gone. Innovative Consultancy offers the full spectrum of SEO services, from the basics of making sure you can be found by name, up to enterprise level services, which can take your site to a new level even for very competitive search phrases.

By making your site ‘credible and authoritative’ in Google, you can start to capitalize on the massive amount of search traffic out there.


SEO Audit

If we’re not building your site from scratch, we offer a full technical review of your website to identify and fix anything that could prevent your site being indexed as well as forming the basis of an ongoing Search Engine Optmisation strategy. Dependent on your available budget and objectives, we’ll design you an ongoing programme that will meet them.


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